Volunteer with the PDC

Friday, November 23rd, 2012
Tags: News

In the coming months PDC will be launching three standing committees to support the Board as it advances its strategic goals. PDC is looking for enthusiastic Volunteers with an interest in planning and design to support the PDC.

Each of the standing committees  will have approximately 6 people (Board members and volunteers) and will be chaired by a PDC Board member.  The committees will be tasked with developing their Terms of Reference before the Board meeting in January; this could be done over email or coffee.

The three standing committees are the Communications Committee, Partnerships Committee, and Fund-raising and Long-term Sustainability Committee. Potential tasks for each committee may include:

Communications Committee:
Distribution of our materials and publication  (SEEK, It’s More than Buses Pocket Guides)
Promoting our projects to groups who may be interested
Attending events and promoting the PDC
Updating our website, Facebook and Twitter
Membership updates using our Mail Chimp account
Developing graphic materials for website and publications (SEEK), documents or proposals
Developing content or articles on PDC projects

Partnerships Committee:
We would like to build stronger partnerships with a variety of groups.
Contact educational institutions throughout the city that have programs with internships that could be related to PDC.
Look to connect with other organizations who we may have a shared interest and discuss opportunities for collaboration on projects or events

Fund-raising and Long-term Sustainability Committee:
Identify potential sources for fund-raising or sponsorship
Develop sponsorship strategy
Setup meeting with potential groups (Developers, HRM, Province)
Strategy for future office space for PDC and meet with groups who might be interested in sponsoring PDC for space that might be sponsored or in-kind

If you are interested in volunteering on one of the Standing Committees please email [email protected] or call 902.494.8494