RP+5 Engagement Session

Thursday, August 1st, 2013


1. Raising awareness. Please inform your friends about the next meeting, ask them about the Regional Plan, about their community, and what they really would like to see. We are working on distilling and visualizing the notes taken from the first session.

2. Community engagement sessions. In September, we will hold future sessions to collect arguments and ideas in a way that is open, accessible, and ongoing. We are currently looking for a venue with the highest degree of visibility such as a storefront operation. Session times to be announced!

3. Design Proposal. From sessions and feedback highlighting the community’s response, a proposal which addresses the four chapters: settlement and housing, transportation, environment, and community engagement will be created.

4. Building Awareness and Support. Once the community has the proposal in their hands, we can ensure the RP+5 didn’t pass over any heads. This proposal will educate about the function and necessity of a bold regional plan and tie to the concept of the Centre plan. It will be ready by the time the Regional Plan +5 goes to public hearing in November.

Notes from the first session can be downloaded as PDF here.


Our RP+5 engagement session was well attended and full of lively conversation. Groups discussed issues and opportunities on the four main topics of the Regional Plan: Community Engagement, Transportation, the Regional Growth Strategy and Environment. Attendees tackled tough issues head on and offered new insights into alternative solutions. Currently, the PDC is processing the information and feedback we received. We will be updating frequently as we flesh out the results of the session.