It’s More Than Buses is Ramping Up for this September!

Thursday, July 17th, 2014


It’s been four years since It’s More Than Buses was conceived by the Planning & Design Centre and Fusion Halifax. Let’s take a look at what the initiative has accomplished since then, and where it’s headed:

1. Three information sessions, attended by hundreds of citizens and numerous transit experts were held in 2011: Explore the Options, Design the Network, Mobilize Public Support!

2. A pocket guide was created after these sessions featuring a concept map and the Essential Elements for a High Quality Transit System (view it here)

3. IMTB actively participated in Metro Transit’s winter public engagement processes in 2013 and 2014

4. In 2013 IMTB hosted smaller stakeholder sessions and advocated to the public through events including the “Transit City” Jane’s Walk in 2014

5. IMTB is in the final stages of producing a package proposing a full redesign of the regional transit network. Check out IMTB’s Transit Essentials infograph teasers on Transfers, Corridors, Reliable Service, and Frequency!

IMTB has been actively building public and political support for a new transit network that provides frequent, high quality service on major corridors, and concentrates more service in areas that can generate strong ridership. Part of this includes an increased social media presence with 425 Facebook followers and close to 900 followers on Twitter!   

Now is the time to put IMTB’s principles into action. Our bold network redesign proposal will be unveiled this September, 2014 in advance of Halifax Transit’s draft redesign.


Only by providing high-quality transit can we create a city of corridors and nodes where transit supports vibrant and sustainable communities. It’s More Than Buses (IMTB) is committed to creating a high-quality transit system.