Cities Alive: Road Wars Launch

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

The newest episode of the Cities Alive podcast, titled Road Wars, has launched!


This episode explores the contentious relationship between people on bikes and people in cars. For so long, we have been building cities for cars. Now that biking is becoming more popular as a mode of transportation, some drivers are less than welcoming to the other users of the road. Even when we build infrastructure specifically for bikes, people are not always happy about having to compromise space. Bicycle users are at fault too. We share stories from drivers who have had some pretty scary run-ins with cyclists.


What is it about sharing the road that incites this kind of animosity? How have cities tried to resolve the battle between cars and bikes? Tune into the new episode and learn about the innovative ways that communities are working towards becoming more bike-friendly and putting an end to the incessant conflict. We share examples from Amsterdam to Vancouver and everywhere in between!


A big thank you to NS Moves and Canadian Institute of Planners for their generous support!

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