Holding Down the Fort

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016


Fort York is one of Toronto’s most iconic historical landmarks. It’s both well-known and under-appreciated. The core of the Fort has been preserved, but its fringes have been in constant flux since the late 1700s. Fluid Fort York, a course taught at the University of Toronto’s Master of Landscape Architecture Program, had students re- imagining the edges of Fort York as a fluid landscape. This is a landscape that has the ability to evolve with changes in a community.

In this episode of Cities Alive, we’re “Holding Down the Fort”. You will hear from several students as they tell their story of Fort York. These stories created a narrative for the site which helped guide them through their projects. Some are quirky, some grim, some preserved, and some forgotten. We hope that each story allows you to re-imagine the Fort as it was and as it can be.

This episode was a collaboration between the University of Toronto’s John H. Daniel’s Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design, Projexity and Cities Alive.

Check out Fluid Fort York to see all of the students’ design proposals for Fort York.