Zoning Out! - Part 2

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Millennial’s values and the market realities they face are becoming more and more prominent and this may be impacting the way our cities are developing. Places where cafes now spread like wildfire, smart phones and Instagram followers have more currency than the car you don’t drive.

So how can planners do more than respond? Work is becoming less structured - more people are working from home, we have more flexible hours. Housing has become expensive relative to most people’s incomes, people are more transient and more likely to rent than a generation ago. How can zoning respond to these changes? How can it be flexible but proactive?

In Zoning Out! – Part 2 we will hear more stories from people that are using zoning in unlikely places to create vibrant neighbourhoods that enabling entrepreneurial spirit and how different zoning tools can give communities a bigger steak and municipalities more teeth to direct change.

In this episode we are looking at trends in zoning, so no zoning out!

This is an Ontario Professional Planners Institute episode.