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1034-1056 Wellington Street

1034-1056 Wellington Street
Halifax  Nova Scotia  B3H 1V7
Peninsula South
Building use
Residential, Rentals
Total Sq. Footage: (1000 sqft)
Number of Dwellings
Commercial/Residential (%)
Last Updated 01/29/2015
Application by Dino Capital Limited to amend the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and to enter into a development agreement which would allow a multi-unit residential development. The applicant is proposing a dual tower development containing 10 storeys on the northern portion of the site and 8 storeys on the southern portion connected by a shared first floor entry area and parkade access. The proposed building contains 142 dwelling units with the applicant indicating a ratio of approximately 50% two-bedroom units. The site will provide approximately 150 parking stalls within 3 levels accessed off a single driveway located mid-block on the Wellington Street elevation. The subject property is 26,940 square feet in size with a total frontage of approximately 210 feet on the west side of Wellington Street in Halifax.


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