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Frequently Asked Questions

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You can email [email protected] or click the “contact us” button at the bottom of the page.

For a specific development, click on the project and look under “status” to determine what stage the project is at. Many have opportunities for community involvement through public information meetings, informal developer-led discussions, committee meetings or public hearings. From time to time, the Planning & Design Centre also hosts meetings about planning projects and developments. See our “events” section for more information.

Answer would be mostly the same as the previous one about not liking a project.

You can contact HRM Planning Services ( Also you can call or email your local councilor (l It is important for public voices and opinions to be heard – at public meetings or in writing – both forms of input become part of the public record and accompany the staff report when a project goes to Council. Depending on the stage of the project, various adjustments can be made – heights, design features, streetscape, setbacks, parking, etc.

Find what zone the site is designated as on the Explore HRM site at zoom in on the lot in question. Next select the layers tab and the Planning Information Folder and then click the Zoning Box. Click the identify tab on the top menu and then click the lot in question. A table will appear in the top right corner providing you with some more information about the lot.
You can use the zoning information to check what is allowed under this zoning by checking your local zoning by-law. Go to the Community Plans Municipal Planning Strategies and Land Use By-Laws up Look up the lot based on the relevant plan area. Also you can contact the Planning Office for the Western Region @ 490-4393 or 490-5650.

Jpeg and jpg files may be uploaded, with a maximum file-size of 1mb.

$100 per project.

As many as you want, so long as they are within the boundaries of HRM’s Regional Centre (Halifax Peninsula and within the Circumferential highway in Dartmouth)