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530 Portland Street and 104 Green Village Lane

Dartmouth  Nova Scotia
Dartmouth Centre
Building use
Last Updated 01/19/2016
An application has been submitted by Conner Architects and Planners to amend the existing Dartmouth MPS policies applicable to the lands located at 530 Portland Street and 104 Green Village Lane in Dartmouth. The existing policies enable commercial, residential, institutional and recreational uses to be considered by development agreement. However, these policies also limit the amount of residential units and residential density permitted at this location. Evergreen Plaza Incorporated, which acquired the lands in 2007, is seeking amendments to existing policies to enable the development of three multiple unit buildings. Connor Architects and Planners are requesting increased residential development on the subject lands in the form of three new multiple unit buildings. Due to changes in market demands over the past 13 years, the developer no longer intends to proceed with the development of the remaining approved, but unconstructed, second building of the commercial plaza or the five self-storage buildings.


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