The podcast aims to facilitate planning dialogue and mobilize grassroots planning efforts by offering citizens a vehicle to share their stories and be inspired by others.

Each episode explores a theme or question by weaving together stories and insights from citizens, change-makers, experts and artists from cities across Canada, North America and the world. These are complemented by other narratives that offer context, inspiration and precedent.

Stream or Download the episodes here:

Episode I: Temporary Spaces”

Episode II: Neighbourhoods”

“Episode III: Agri-culturing the City” 

“Episode IV: Road Wars

“Episode V: Community By Design Part 1

“Episode VI: Community By Design Part 2

“Episode VII: Planning With Cents Part 1″

“Episode VIII: Planning With Cents Part 2

Episode IX: Planning With Politics Part 1

Episode X: Planning With Politics Part 2

Episode XI: Zoning Out! Part 1

Episode XII: Zoning Out! Part 2

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